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Our Beginning

Founded in 2008, Kirsty Badenhorst Interiors have a clear focus to create, develop and transform spaces through design. Nonetheless, we materialise clients’ ideas and dreams into realities. Consequently, this has allowed us to accomplish our main objective over the past 8 years. Whilst encompassing every aspect relating to interior design, our firm has grown into an established name within the industry.


KB Interiors, a Durban based design firm, has been sought after both locally and internationally. Notably, we have completed projects in London through to design work in Kigali, Rwanda.


We specialise in complete design of new builds, from conceptualisation to completion. Furthermore, Kirsty Badenhorst Interiors specialise in full renovations, spacial planning and project management. Together with the smaller projects, we work on new builds of 1250 square meters and more. Managing budgets between R10 million to R30 million has brought to our company the expertise to offer services and responsibilities.


We offer a comprehensive package to our clients. We manage every factor of the design process. Furthermore, we work seamlessly with the rest of the professional team. Together with architects, contractors and subcontractors.


Our Values

We are committed to creating spaces that incorporate trend and function, with superbly finished products and thought out design. We believe a space should be timeless, whilst incorporating its’ natural surroundings.


Subsequently, our professional objectives are to create spaces that communicate interest yet obtain comfort. Therefore we strive to acquire a close relationship with the client, meet their brief and control the allowed budget. Additionally, we create a seamless work environment with the rest of the project team.


A little about Kirsty

Kirsty is a collected individual with an eye for detail. As our motto goes, constructing stylish spaces is what she does best!

Kirsty has a love for technical details. Consequently, she pays a keen interest to all aspects of a building site. Furthermore, she has a passion for seeing a project through from start to finish.



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Tel:             082 226 7863


Physical Address: 131 Silverton Road, Musgrave, 4001.


Twitter:      @KB_interiors


Facebook:  Kirsty Badenhorst Interiors

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