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Back in the day dressing your walls was one of 2 options, paint or wallpaper. Nowadays there are so many different styles, you can clad the wall in timber or a textured stone tile even. You can still go the option of wallpaper or paint but even there, there are many ways to achieve the feature you want. Today we are looking at the idea of wall murals and how to create a feature in your home by using a large scale printed images.

There are a few ways this can be applied but the most popular would be in a wallpaper application. Many fabric and wallpaper houses now fabricate large scale images in up to 5 panels wide, creating the full image once pieced together. The other way to go about this is to choose the image you would like in the space, purchase a high res print of this and have a local company print this for you. Thereafter we come in and hang it just like wallpaper, would you look at that, easy as pie!

Now to get to the fun part, designs and different styles in all their glory.


If you are right and ready to go bold and not opposed to a floral feature, these are for you! I love the dark background of these prints, they really do make a statement. Keep in mind that the whole room does not need to be dark. This can be a great way to tie in some darker furniture you may already have in the space.




Prefer something a little more understated? No problem, here are some beautiful floral murals that are little more gentle on the eye. Note the white background creates a completely different style to the above images. Still just as effective in making the space really pop!




Not wild on flowers, here are some botanical pieces that are just as beautiful. Tip – bring in some real plants to create a bit of depth and dimension.




The watercolour look is bang on trend at the moment! This is a great way to add a subtle pop of colour or feature in your home if minimalistic is more your style. In the right environment less can say more.




Should you be a little apprehensive to turn an entire wall in your living room into a statement piece, why not start small. A nursery is a great place for a mural, there are such fun and whimsical designs that you can incorporate into your little ones space. That he/she will love everyday.





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Yours in design, Kirsty Badenhorst

( all images sourced from Pinterest )