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Today we are talking about indoor plants, why you should have them and how they make beautiful accessories.


Benefits of having indoor plants:
  • breathe easy with indoor plants – plants absorb the carbon dioxide you exhale and release the oxygen your body needs.
  • water – plants also release vapor into the air which adds to the humidity, this humidity keeps respiratory distresses away. Studies have shown that plants used indoors decreases cases of dry skin, colds, sore throats and dry coughs.
  • purifying the air – plants work very hard at purifying the air around us, be it in a closed off air-conditioned office or open plan space, the plants absorb the toxins in the air making it healthier for us to breathe in.
  • better concentration – studies have shown that rooms with plants in create for a more focused environment.

So not only are they beautiful they also help with our day to day health.


Introducing plants into your space:

There really isn’t a right or wrong way of bringing plants into your interiors, you are creating a connection from the outside to the inside which is most important.¬†There are however many ways one can do this, here are some examples.

You can go for a cluster of pot plants on the floor, this can be to fill an awkward corner that you are not quite sure what to do with. Having a cluster is also a great way to add depth in a room by creating different heights and density in the foliage.

Single pot plants work beautifully but my advice here would be go bold and go big! If they are going to stand alone then why not stand tall and proud adding life into your interior. I just love how these tall planter frame the window in the first image, perfection… and of course who doesn’t love a fiddle leaf in a woven basket.

And then of course we have the hanging planters, macrame are of course the current craze, but any cascading greenery is lovely in a room.

Would you love to incorporate this beautiful style into your space?

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( images sourced from Pinterest )