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Art Deco is a form of design that keeps popping up time and time again. It is an art period that originated in Paris and New York during the late 1920’s and 1930’s. It then took the world by storm as countries adopted the principals and incorporated it into their design industries such as fashion design, interior design, architecture and graphic design.

Art Deco is characterised by its use of geometric shapes and patterns, bold colours and use of expensive materials such as jade, silver, ivory, chrome, and rock crystals. Here are a few ways to incorporate the style into your home, without breaking the bank!


1) Through the use of Colour

The following images incorporate various Art Deco colours such as the pinks and turquoises. By bringing in furniture, paints and tiles, this can be an inexpensive way to bring Art Deco into your space.


2) Through the use of wallpapers

One of the most simple and beautiful ways to incorporate Art Deco into your space is through the use of various wallpapers. The following images contain wallpapers that bring in the Art Deco element into the space.


3) Furniture!

As we know, there are many different types of furniture. Art Deco furniture does not have to be antique or vintage to be considered as Art Deco, it may also be modern, such as the images below.

  Art Deco       


Accessories are KEY when decorating your space in the Art Deco style. These can range from bigger items such as Art Deco duvet covers, to smaller items such as cushions and light switch covers.



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Yours in design, Kirsty Badenhorst ( article written by Kendal Jade Smith)


( all images sourced from Pinterest )

Where to find Art Deco items in South Africa:

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