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Are you looking to decorate your nursery but have absolutely no idea where to begin? Look no further! This blog post will help you find inspiration, and inform you of how to achieve the perfect nursery for your little one.

Colour Palettes

Traditionally, nurseries would be designed in bright colours, such as blues, pinks and greens. This however, does not always provide a calm and nurturing environment. We suggest sticking to a muted colour palette, including greys, whites and pastels. Once you have chosen a colour theme, you are now ready to start choosing furniture.


Nurseries need to include all the necessary furniture to nurse a baby, however, the furniture does not need to be standard or clinical. A nursery would need to include:




Nursing chair:



Changing station:




Storage…lots and lots of storage



Lighting is a big part of nursery design. The space should not be too bright, and should create a calming environment. Natural light should be utilised as much as possible, and block out curtains are a great way to block out light when needed. Below are a few examples of nurseries that have used lighting correctly.


Add a little fun!

Wall murals are a great way to add a quirky and creative element into the design. These can be in the form of wallpapers or even painted designs. (see murals post)



Bring out your inner child! Accessories are another great way to incorporate quirky elements into the space. Below are a few examples of toys, murals and other accessories which will help create a beautiful and stimulating environment for your little one.




Need some help with creating a space for the latest addition to your family? We are here to help!

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Yours in design, Kirsty Badenhorst Interiors

( all images sourced from Pinterest )