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They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. Well, in that case, your kitchen deserves the best. We are here to help turn your kitchen into a marvellous masterpiece, suited to the whole family.


Things to keep in mind when designing a kitchen:

Colour Scheme:


The top left image above represents a dark colour scheme. This would include darker colours such as blacks and dark greys.

The middle image above shows a lighter colour scheme, also neutral in tones. Black is added in for contrast.

The top right image above represents a combination of dark and light colours. This includes dark dark navy, whites, greys, beiges and pastel pink for an added pop of colour.



Natural lighting is the best form of lighting your kitchen can have. This makes the space feel light and open. However, this may not be possible for every kitchen. This can be combatted by a clever use of lighting:


The top left image is an example of simple under-cabinet lighting. This is done by using LED strip lighting. These come in various colours, tones and are energy efficient.

The above, middle image shows how task lighting can be incorporated into the space. The pendant lights above the island will light up the island. There is a simple, yet elegant ceiling light above the sink area. There are also downlighters which will light up the whole room.

The right image above shows how simple downlighters and pendants can be used. However, the walls and ceilings are also a light colour, which lightens the room. This will also make the room appear bigger than it is in reality.


Splash backs:

Splash backs are a great way to add in colour, texture or added interest. Below are some simple, yet beautiful ideas that can help your kitchen look like it came off the pages of a magazine.


The above, left image, contains a splash back using coloured subway tiles. This is a simple, yet elegant way to add interest and colour into your kitchen.

The middle image, above has a copper splash back. This adds a very modern and creative feel. This will add a WOW factor to any kitchen!

The top right image has hexagonal shaped tiles which adds a hint of quirkiness to the kitchen. The dark colour of the tiles contrasts with the white countertops and counters.




From left to right:

Play with colour. A great way to change up the standard kitchen is by adding in two-toned cabinetry. Chose a dark colour for the bottom cabinets, and a lighter colour for the top cabinets.

Countertops. The possibilities are endless when it comes to countertops. Granite, wood or even Caesarstone are great options to include in your kitchen.

Shelving. Shelving is an easy way to open up the space. Hint: Avoid clutter on your shelves. Stick to crockery, jars and maybe a few ornaments.



It is very important to have nonporous, slip and stain resistant in the kitchen. This does not mean by any standards, that your kitchen needs to have a plain floor. There are various options you may have in your kitchen. From a fun and quirky flooring, to a more simplistic floor, the following images are great and safe ideas for your kitchen.


Fear not! The above images are all examples of tiled floors. The first two images have a wood finish, and are slip resistant. The third image shows a patterned tile, to add some colour and interest.


Need some help with with designing your dream kitchen? We are here to help!

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( all images sourced from Pinterest )