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As much as we are found inside concentrating on the interiors of the home, we never take for granted the importance of the connection between the outdoors and the inside. Landscaping and the interiors need to coexist and compliment each other.

What we like to do is create a connection, a talking point between the two. Therefore, this can be achieved by introducing a external texture like stone cladding, a live wall and even concrete works beautifully. Bringing in plants and decorative slips in votives is also a fantastic way to show the connection between the two spaces.

Wood Cladding

Cladding a wall is a great way to bring a sense of the outdoors, in. By using the same cladding material that is used on the exterior: inside, a seamless flow is created between the two spaces. Here are some beautiful examples of interior spaces that use cladding to create a link with the outside.

Stone Cladding

Using stone to clad your walls is also a great way to form a link from the outdoors. By using the same stone found on your exterior cladding, flooring or in your garden, a flow is created between the two spaces. This is the same case when you use a similar shade from the stone found outside.

Plant Wall

There could not be a better way to incorporate nature into a space, than by literally bringing it indoors. Be it real or fake, bringing greenery indoors will liven up the space, making it feel more open and fresh. You are creating a connection from the outside to the inside which is most important.

For more help with this matter, see our blog post: Tips on Using Plants Indoors

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