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What is Off-shutter?

Off-shutter is a raw concrete look¬†that is left after removing the shuttering that was used as a temporary structure to contain setting concrete. The most common shuttering are wooden planks. These planks are then removed, which leaves an imprint of its’ texture in the concrete. Off-shutter has become very popular in the interior design industry as of late. There are various places that this method can be used on the interiors.


Concrete ceilings can be more cost effective compared to other ceilings, as they will not need to be plastered, cladded or hidden. The rawness of the concrete off-shutter is the most sought after property of it. This will allow your ceilings to have more height, as there will not be a need for a dropped ceiling, which decreases the height of the room. Light fittings coming from the ceiling will bring out the texture in the concrete, making it a beautiful feature in your space.


Having off-shutter walls will most define try make a statement in your space. The rough, solid look is a bold feature, and depending on the look you would like to achieve, bringing in soft finishes such as fabric curtains will help soften the space a bit. If you are looking for an edgy, industrial look, off-shutters are the perfect finish for your walls.


Using off-shutter in your fireplace can be less expensive than other cladding mediums. There will be no need to plaster, or clad your fireplace. This is also a great way to ensure your fireplace will be study and strong for all the years to come. Have a look at our Fireplace blog post to find some more fireplace inspiration.

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