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Master Suite

Adding on a roof room onto your house is a great way to make your space larger. Another great reason to get a roof room is that should increase the value of your home. Plus, a new loft master suite will give you a brand new space to start afresh. Exposed wooden beams are SO trendy. These will make your space look oh-so-pinterest worthy.

Sleeping Area

As attic or loft rooms tend to be quite small, light colours will help the space feel larger. White ceilings and walls will make the room feel less claustrophobic. Lower beds will take up less space in the room. A designated sleeping area will make the space feel cozy. White linen with layered blankets and pillows will contribute to a cozy space.

Bathroom Area

Loft rooms can often lack space. A compact bathroom need not feel small and cluttered. Skylights will help bring heaps of light into the space. Plus, when you bath or shower, you will be able to look up at the beautiful sky! Once again, lighter colours will make the space feel bigger. However, do not be afraid to add a few dark touches. This will add contrast and interest to the space.


A master suite needs to ooze with comfort. Make sure to find the most comfortable seating you can. Add on throws, blankets and cushions. This will add character to the space. Low coffee tables and side tables make for extra storage. Rugs are important for comfort too.

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