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Gold is trending! There are so many different ways and places that gold could be incorporated into your space. This blog post will explore various ways to incorporate gold into your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Get ready to be DAZZLED!


Handles, trims, plumbing fixtures and accessories are all different ways in which one could incorporate gold into a kitchen. Gold goes beautifully with almost any colour. The chances are great that it will compliment your kitchen colour. Many light colours like white and beige work beautifully. So do darker colours like emerald, navy and even black! Did someone say GLAM?


I must add, the gold that we are speaking about is not actual gold. The fittings will be sprayed or powder coated with a gold pigment. This makes it a whole lot affordable than using real gold! It is sometimes easy to get carried away, and have too much of the colour. The following images are of plumbing fixtures, marble tops and tiling which make use of gold.


A bedroom is one of the less likely spaces to think to be suitable for gold. A bedroom does not have to be overdone. A few objects here and there will help make the other colours in the space pop. It will also add a luxurious feel to your space. Here are some great ways to use this glitzy colour in your bedroom.

Are you itching to have gold in your space?

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( images sourced from Pinterest )