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Marble has become such a statement design piece in many spaces all over the world. Marble is a natural stone, formed under the earth over millions of years. It is then cut up into chunks, sent to factories who transform it into usable slabs. As the stone is porous, it needs to be sealed. We can then use it throughout various applications. The first place marble can be used in the home is in the bathroom. Bathtubs can be cladded in marble. Tiles can either be used on the floor or walls. Countertops are a great way to make use of this stone. It will most certainly give your space an opulent feel!


There are so many different places where stone can be used in the kitchen. From countertops to splash-backs, it will be sure to make your space ooze with glamour! As we mentioned earlier, marble is porous and will need to be sealed. This will prevent water and dieting getting into the stone, and damaging it. There are various other stones that can be used, such as quarts and onyx.

Living Room

Stone can be used to clad fireplaces and walls. Marble look tiles can easily be purchased and tiles on your walls or floors. This will give the look, without necessary blowing your entire budget. Coffee tables and side tables are a great way to incorporate stone into your space. Many decor and furniture stores sell stone top tables. Remember that marble goes very well with metals such as gold and rose gold. Our previous blog post help you know more about how to use gold in your space.

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