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Marble has been used in homes long before sliced bread! This timeless and elegant stone can be used in many different applications all throughout the home. A countertop is a great place to use marble. Marble, being neutral in tones can go beautifully with so many different colour schemes and styles.


Granite is often thought of as a common and ‘boring’ countertop material. This does not have to be the case. Granite, being a natural material, differs from block to block. It too, is mined from under the earth. It can differ in colours, texture and patterns. Granite is a very strong stone, and is very suitable as countertops in kitchens.

Other types of Stone

There are many other types of stones out there. Onyx is a beautiful and unique stone. However, it can be quite breakable if not installed and treated properly. It can be lit up because of its’ translucent properties. This makes a stunning feature in any space.


There are other manmade stones such as quartz. These stones are easily available and come in many different patterns and colours. The following are combined examples of various other countertop-worthy materials.

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