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What exactly is wicker?

Apart from being a BEAUTIFUL material… “wicker furniture may be crafted out of different materials such as bamboo, straw and even rattan. Recently, synthetic materials are also being used for manufacturing wicker furniture.” – Homedit.com


Why not add a bit of fun to your bedroom by using woven or wicker headboards? These beautifully handcrafted headboards are sure to make a feature out of any bedroom you use them in. If you are not a fan of the natural look, these headboards can always be painted. In any colour you desire! The following headboards are all different shapes and sizes, using different weaving techniques.


Indoors or outside: wicker is a wonderful material to use in your home. If treated in the right way, it may last for years upon years! Peacock chairs are stunning features and will too, make a feature in your home. “Although the origins of the Peacock Chair have been widely debated, most accounts trace the throne-like chair to Asia,” explains the book. “It is likely to have originated in the Philippines, which is why it is often referred to as the Manila or Philippine Chair.” – phaidon

Other Wicker Furniture

Putting together this blog post was awfully hard, as there are so many beautiful images out there. This last category is a mix of some of our other favourite ways of adding woven and wicker items to your space. Coffee and side tables, baskets, cabinets and wall art are just a few examples of how you can add this style to your space. We sure do love them all!

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