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Having a gallery wall filled with monochromatic prints is a great way to ensure that it won’t clash with your existing decor. Black and white prints can help add a bit of sophistication to the space. They will go well in just about any picture frame. They will also look so great on almost any colour wall! We definitely suggest trying a monochromatic gallery wall in your space. You’ll thank us later!


Vibrant prints on your gallery wall can sometimes be a bit tricky depending on your existing colour scheme. The following examples incorporate coloured prints perfectly into the space. They blend well with the existing colours, and do not cause too much of a stir.

Be brave!

Why stick to the norm when you can have an extraordinary gallery wall? Here are a few examples of great things to include on your gallery wall:

  • A clock (or clocks) is a super fun way to change up your normal gallery wall a bit.
  • Sculptures will add pops of 3D effects to your wall.
  • Mirrors work in just about any space, and will help it feel larger too.
  • Who said all pictures needed to be hung? Placing your frames on shelves is a great idea to prevent hours of measuring and drilling!
  • PLANTS add great vibrancy and fun to your walls. Plus, they certain plants will help clean your air!
  • Lights will help make your gallery GLOW! It will become a real feature.

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( images sourced from Pinterest )