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There are not too many things in a home that make as much of an impact as wall murals do. Wall murals differ from wallpaper in the sense that murals tell a story in one frame, there is no pattern repeat.

Murals easily set the tone for your home as they are a reflection of your interests, taste and creative flair.

Murals do not always have to be bold, bright and colourful. Monochromatic murals are quite trendy. You are still able to set the tone and tell a story through a monochromatic wall mural. Monochromatic murals wouldn’t dictate the colours of the space. This is useful in an open plan home. This way the tone is still set but each space can still maintain its individuality.

Bright and bold murals though, give us an opportunity to highlight different parts of the mural in each space. Bright and bold doesn’t have to be frighting when you have designers to guide you through the process.

Wall murals can transform your home from paint to wallpaper, from an every day look to an “I want to look at you everyday” home.


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