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Minimalism often has a sterile connotation to it. But real minimalist design can be beautiful if done correctly.

Minimalist design is simple, sophisticated, uncluttered and mostly monochromatic. Colour would be used as accents as opposed to features. Minimalist design utilises open plan living spaces. This allows light to spread through the areas freely. This creates an even uninterrupted feeling through the space.

True minimalism will not only ensure a comfortable, clean feel but will highlight the true nature of the architecture around it as there are not many distractions. Often it is used in spaces that are architecturally interesting as this way the building gets the attention that is deserves.


Minimalist homes can be simple and well designed, not boring. In kitchens it is as simple as taking the built in cupboard fittings to the ceiling allowing an uninterrupted view as well as utilising the space to its fullest. In a living room we then have the opportunity to pick out good comfortable furniture, that allows us what we need in a space. As opposed to all the added knick-knacks that we would ordinarily buy, to make a space feel fuller.

Theses solutions are functional and are the essence of what we need. Having a well design minimalist space allows us to truly make things stand out where they need to.


Minimalist homes can often feel cold and uninviting but with a good design this can be avoided. We would introduce wood and jute into spaces to give the space warmth. We find that a play on different textures creates interest and a great between spaces.


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