Adding Warmth to Your Home


Before I started this blog post, I sat and shivered because of the cold spell we are currently having in Durban. Luckily, I live by my own advice, and found some great ways to warm up. By reading this blog post, you too, should have some simple and good ways to bring warmth to your home.


The first way is to introduce rugs into your space. Fluffy and soft, or natural and hard wearing, a rug is a perfect way to help bring warmth to your space. Why stand on cold hard tiles whilst brushing your teeth on crisp mornings, when your toes could be warm instead. This goes the same for a kitchen. Some might think it impractical to have a rug in the kitchen, but can be very helpful to warm you up, whilst providing comfort.


Feeling cold while watching your favourite Netflix show? No problem! By adding a few throws to your space, whenever you feel a chill, simply throw on, well, a throw!


Throws are a great way to soften a space, as well as adding warmth when needed. There is a wide variety of throws on the market, as well as fabrics to have your own manufactured. There will be dozens to suit your space, and we could easily help you find the right ones. These will help bring pattern, colour and excitement to your space. Or if you prefer, neutral throws. They will always be helpful, and when not in use, there are various ways to store them. Roll them up and pop them in a basket, throw them over your bed or sofa, or just fold them up and put away in a cupboard.


Other ways to bring warmth to your space, is by adding a fireplace, underfloor heating, portable heaters, or even heated towel rails. These are just a few examples, but there are many on the market. Here is a link to our Outdoor Fire Pit post or our Fireplace Design post which are both bursting with inspiration.


As you can see in the following images, it is possible to have a fireplace in nearly every room in the house. This could be the bathroom, bedroom, living room or even dining room. Remember, there are options as to what type of fireplace you can have, which you can find out more about here.

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