Shower Feature Walls

Tiles & Mosaics

The days are long gone where showers are shoved into a small corner, with no detailing! An inviting shower is a must-have for relaxation after a long day at work, or for those mornings where you are in a rush. There are a few simple, yet effective ways to take your shower to the next level. Carry on reading to find out how!


The first way is to add a feature wall with tiles or mosaics. Pebbles are another great feature to add to your shower wall or floor. There are so many different tile options on the market, and millions of more designs to use. If you would like to see some custom tile cutting, follow this link to our blog post. If you would like your feature wall to pop, using colour can easily achieve this. Hand-made tiles offer great texture, and glazing can add a gorgeous shine.


Let the light in! Imagine being able to look out at nature when you are in your show. Feels serene right? This can be achieved by adding a simple window to your shower. Depending on the positioning of your room, you might not want the whole world to see you in the shower. However, this can be fixed by adding a high, but a narrow window.


Or if you would prefer a larger window, the glass can easily be frosted to prevent anyone from seeing you. A gap can be left at the top so you are still able to look outside. Depending on how high the window is from the ground, it could also be a great way to store your cleaning products. This leads us to the next important item: storage.


You may or may not be a culprit of having one too many shampoo or body wash bottles. However, you always need more space for storage. Storage can sometimes become an afterthought, and we end up buying steel, screw-in racks that rusts to pieces.


Storage should not be an afterthought! When building a new shower, one has the opportunity to incorporate beautiful ideas. This can take the form of an inset, that could be tiles the same as the rest of the shower. It could even be tiled a different way. This would make the space pop. Shelves are also a great way to have more space for your bottles, soaps and brushes. Hooks will also help to store loofas and facecloths. Click here to see our blog post on plumbing fittings. 

Make your shower a space you want to be in.

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