Storage Solutions

Built in Cabinetry

One struggle that homeowners constantly seem to struggle with is: storage solutions. Depending on the size of your home, there may not be tons of space for storage, but we have some tips on how to help. Let’s get started shall we?


The first, and best way to combat a lack of storage is to create new ones. This can be done by adding built in cabinetry, what we sometimes call: BIC. We taylor make cabinetry to suit your every need, and house the items that you need to be stored. There are so many finishes that can be applied to your cabinetry, and we have a blog post on that here. We also have some other tips on how to organise your home here.


If built in cabinetry is way out of your budget, or if you have spacial constraints shelving may be the way to go. Floating shelving is a beautiful way to display and store your items. However, heavier items may not be suitable for these kinds of shelves.


Shelving with brackets is a better way to store heavier items. If you are worried about bulky, ugly brackets, fear not! There are so many different and new bracket styles on the market. Placing baskets on your shelves to hide clutter, is a great way to utilise space, but we will speak more about that in the next section.


Incorporating woven baskets in your space will help you hide clutter, as well as bring in more natural materials into your space. Baskets are super easy to bring in and out of a cupboard or shelf, as well as lightweight. This makes them good for children’s rooms too. Purchasing baskets from a decor store can become quite expensive, however, we often have them custom made for your space. This can help lower the price, and make sure that they fit perfectly.

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