Choosing the Right Mirror
Mirror Wall Design

Can we let you in on a secret? Mirrors are a secret weapon when it comes to design. They help bring in more light into the space, and make it feel larger than what it actually is. We love using mirrors in spaces, as they can help full up blank wall spaces, as well as adding to the decor.


When it comes to fully mirrored walls, the design possibilities are endless. From the shape of the mirrors, to the colour and style of the mirrors, almost anything is possible. Mirrored walls help make the room feel bigger and higher than it actually is. You could put a mirrored wall in just about any room, and it could work. Entrances are especially great places to have a mirror wall, and you can read more about why here.

Full Length Mirrors

Full length mirrors have recently become a craze, especially when snapping the perfect for Instagram. They also help elongate a room. A full length mirror can just about have any kind of frame, and the style would depend on your style.


The following images are of full length mirrors which have been placed on the floor. By placing decor or furniture in front of them, you can create a scene. They all have different frames, from natural wood, to ornate gold. There will be a style for your space, all we need to do is find it!

Mirror Gallery Wall

One of the more difficult styles to put together, a mirror gallery wall can help create interest and texture to a blank wall. Why I say it is difficult to put together, is because it is sometimes quite hard to find the perfect placement of each mirror.


Mirrored gallery walls are often used in farmhouse styled homes, but can be used in an array of homes/spaces. You could also style them by adding a few picture frames. You can read more about creating a gallery wall here.

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( images sourced from Pinterest )