Styling Your Space: Table Tops

Tray Styling

More times than often, the surfaces around our homes become a dumping ground for all sorts of clutter. In order for our spaces to feel more relaxing, we should always try to clear our surrounding surfaces, and organise our belongings. This can be done, whilst adding decor pieces and styling them to create a beautiful space.


Trays are always helpful when organising decor pieces, and other necessary items. They are often a staple item in homes, restaurants and even offices. The way we use trays has changed a lot over the years. They are now mostly used to store items, rather than serve off them. This means that they can now be beautiful and functional. Here are a few examples of trays on table tops, and how to style them.

Arranging Vases

Many of us fall victim to storing our vases away in cupboard, never to see the light of day (until a fresh bunch of flowers come along). This should not be the case. Vases are often crucial in a design, as they help fill up voids, and draw attention to the room.


When styling vases, we can often follow the rule of thirds. This is a simple, yet effective trick to help when placing items. Try and gather three vases, of three different shapes and sizes (tall, medium and short). You can now arrange them with the tallest at the back, the medium off to the side, and the small at the front. Place some real or faux plants in, and you have a beautiful display.

Other Styling Tips

There are so many different ways to style your table tops, and we would never be able to go over them all in this blog post. Here are a few helpful tips and ideas to work with when you next style your tables.


  • Try to combine various textures, but keeping them within a certain colour palette.
  • Use trinket boxes to store necessary, but not necessarily pretty items, such as keys, alarms and so forth.
  • When stacking books, place a decor item on top. This could be a sculpture, or wooden item to tie in with the rest of your decor.
  • Try to combine natural and synthetic objects together, to create an interesting, yet beautiful space.

Keep a look out more more useful tips and tricks to follow.

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