Creating A Dream Home Office

The Desk

Right now in the world, so many of us are forced to work from home, and others already have home offices established. An office needs to comprise of various factors that aid in making it a comfortable and productive space. It is our job as designers to ensure that we design spaces with beauty and function.


The first major factor of a home office is the desk space. Whether you work alone, or in a team, you need to have the right desk. You can either choose a desk with internal storage, or one without, and have other storage methods. You need to find a desk that suits your spacial needs and constraints. When placing your desk, try and maximise your space by either placing the desk in the centre of the room, or facing a wall. You can either have a freestanding or built in desk, depending on your needs and space.


When choosing an office chair, the most import tip we can mention is to TRY IT FIRST. While online shopping is very helpful, you have no way of finding out if you will find the chair comfortable, and any other specs you are looking for. There are various office chairs on the market, including stationary, swivel and moving, or stationery swivels. Choose one depending on your needs and wants.


The second form of seating in a home office is the general seating. This could take the form of a sofa, recliner or occasional chair. It is important to have a comfortable place to sit and relax when you need a break. It can also be helpful to stay in the same room when having a short break, instead of getting distracted elsewhere in the house.


Storage is OH-SO-IMPORTANT in a home office. Clutter is a major deterrent to productivity. Therefore, you need to have clever storage in a home office. Somewhere to organise and hide things away from sight until needed.


Whether or not you have the space for built in storage, we have compiled a few clever ways to store your items. This can take the form of shelves, cupboards and drawers. Remember to have places to store electronics such as printers. A helpful tip is to have a drawer with place for a charger cable. This way, you can charge your electronic devices without them being in the way, and something to distract you.

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