A Modern Guide To Wall Art


Art plays a huge role in our everyday lives. It is often a part of our homes, workplaces and the spaces we go to on a day to day basis. Today we will be going through a modern guide to wall art. More than often, we collect art throughout our lives, and have no idea where to place it. First of all, we have photography.


Photography can provide a glimpse into the past, and bring us happy memories. That is why people often like to display photos they, or someone else has taken in their homes and work places. Instead of prestik-ing them onto the wall, we can choose to have them framed into various shapes and sizes. Black and white photography can compliment just about any space. By having a think white border, it helps soften the look, and make it stand out as a feature. Thin or thick, timber, black or white frames will need to be chosen to compliment your decor.

Original Art

Owning original art can be seen as a privilege, as someone has taken the time , effort and skill into making their masterpiece. You can opt to buy new original art to compliment your space, or use what you already have. It is often wise to tie in a colour, or colours of the work into your space. You can do this by adding in scatters, throws or upholstered fabrics in the same colour tones as the art.


You can choose to group your artwork together, or keep it as an individual piece. Great places to hang your individual pieces would be: above a fireplace, above a server or entrance table, at the end of a passage, or above an occasional chair. Grouped art looks good above and centred to a dining table, above a couch, along a passage, above a bed or on a large blank wall. You can read more about grouping art in our gallery walls blog post.

Sculptural Wall Art

Wall sculptures, or 3d wall art can add interest and depth to your space. As it is not flat, and stands out, we need to be quite clever about it’s positioning. Wall sculptures can range from hand sculptured clay items, to carved timber pieces, or even woven goods.


3D Art can also be grouped with 2D art, which creates drama and interest. By adding a wall sconce above the piece, you can add further dimension to it, and make it a focal point of a design. Woven and timber pieces can help add a natural look into your space. The possibilities are quite frankly: endless! This is why our clients often come to us for help, as we can tell the best places for an artwork.

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( images sourced from Pinterest )