The Flooring Files: Week 2 | Tiles

Square / Rectangular Floor Tiles

Welcome to week 2 of the flooring files. Click here if you missed out on last week’s post. This week we are diving into floor tiles. First of all, we have rectangular and square format tiles. These are amongst the more common flooring types, but that does not mean that they are boring. Square and rectangular tiles come in different sizes, materials and finishes. They can also be laid in numerous ways.


The following images are of spaces with large format rectangular & square tiles, as well as smaller sizes. As you can see, there are various formats in which to lay the tiles, as well as different grout options. They can come as porcelain, terracotta, natural stone or ceramic. There are so many options out their, waiting for us to find them for you!

Shaped Floor Tiles

If you are still looking for individually laid tiles, but are wanting something different to square or rectangular: then shaped tiles might be for you. They can come in so many different shapes, sizes and colours. You will need an experienced tiler to lay them for you. Luckily we are here to help!


A few of the shapes you will see below are crossed, hexagons, arabesque, and even scallops. Please take note that depending on your space, you will need the right finish of tile. Areas that will get wet will need a glaze, and often better grip. Floor tiles all have different specifications, and it is very important that you find the right tile, that is safe to walk on.


Mosaics can sometimes work out to be quite expensive, as they are smaller, and often more intricate than other tiles. They come in sheets, and once again need someone with experience to tile them.


Mosaics are sometimes hand-crafted, which also adds to their price. Mosaics are laid in their sheets, and then grouted. They are often used in smaller areas, such as a shower space. Click here if you would like to read more about shower feature walls. Mosaics can elevate your design, and make it a feature. We are able to help you find the perfect mosaic for your space.

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