The Flooring Files: Week 4 | Rugs

Bedroom Rugs

Choosing the right rug for your space can sometimes feel overwhelming. There are so many different kinds of rugs to choose from. With all different shapes, sizes, piles, colours and textures, along with different budgets. You could start to pull out your hair by the end of your search! Today we are here to help you find inspiration and share knowledge about rugs.


Let’s start in the bedroom. The bedroom can be one of the easier spaces to choose a rug for. This would depend on the size of your bed, and the texture you would like to feel when you first put your feet on the ground in the morning. A bedroom rug should always be larger than the bed, with a good amount of space around the bed. Ideally, you should be able to walk a path around the bed, without touching the actual floor. The following rugs are good examples of how the rug should look beneath your bed.

Living Room Rugs

Now the living room is where it can sometimes become quite tricky. We all have different lounge suites and chairs, placed in various positions. As a rule of thumb, we aim for each piece of front legs to be able to sit on the rug. Therefore the rug should go beneath the lounge suite. This helps anchor the space, and make it feel cohesive. If you are able to go for a larger rug, then try not to have the edges stick out from behind the rug. This can cause tripping hazards!


In the living room, the rug will most likely have a lot of foot traffic on it. This is where we aim to find a high quality rug that can withstand stains, and keep it’s shape for years to come. A good rug should be able to last you years without showing signs of wear and tear. Remember to put a coffee table on the centre of your rug, and ideally 500mm away from each chair.

Dining Room Rugs

Some people might think that it is a waste of time having a rug in a dining room. Well we beg to differ! More than often, a dining table can look out of place, sort of just floating around in the room. This is where a rug comes in. The rug can help tie in the dining table into the rest of the room, and anchor it.


Once again, a good quality, stain resistant rug would be ideal. Try and choose something that isn’t too high, as there will be quite a lot of furniture placed on it. We try to make sure that every dining chair is placed on top of the rug. This makes it easier when pulling your chair in and out. A natural, jute rug is also a good idea for a dining room, as they are hard wearing. We hope you have learnt a good share from our flooring series, and hope you can come back to see the rest of our posts!

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