Quick and Simple Home Accent Ideas to Update Your Space

Part 1


Do you ever take a look around your space and wish there was something more you could do to spruce it up? Well, today we will be showing you some quick and simple home accent ideas to update your space. As there are so many different ways to achieve this, we will be splitting it up into two parts. Today we will be looking at lamps, scatter cushions and foliage accent ideas.


First of all we will be looking at lamps. Namely: bedside lamps and living room lamps. Lamps are a great way to easily add a bit of interior flair into your space. You can easily find inexpensive lamps online and at furniture and decor stores. A new lamp or lampshade is a way to incorporate textures and perhaps a bit of interest into your space. Freestanding lamps work very well in the living room or dining room. They are also helpful at night when lounging around, instead of having the main bright lights on. An easy and fun accent to add to your space.

Scatter Cushions

We seem to have said it time and time again. Scatter cushions are a brilliant way to incorporate new colours, materials and texture into your space. They help to soften areas, and depending on which type, very comfortable too! We do love a good mix of down and feather. Scatter cushions can be changed in and out of your room as you would like. Therefore we say invest in a good quality inner, which will last you for years to come. Then you are able to bring in new covers how ever often you would like.


Designer tip: We love to layer our scatter cushions to create interest. Try mix up plains and patterns. As long as they are all within the same colour palette or tones, they should work together. You can mix up squares, rectangles and even bolsters. This can create a luxurious look, and will leave your space looking refreshed and thought-out.


Indoor foliage should be an important part of your space. It is a great accent to have, as not only will the plant be beautiful, so will its vase or pot. We have written about using plants indoors, so if you would like to learn more in depth about that, click here. Plants can bring in textures, natural colours and even beautiful scents. Some plants have the added benefit of absorbing toxins and foul smells from the air. From experience, a good Peace Lily (which is scientifically known as Spathiphyllum), in your bathroom helps get rid of any smells you would like to avoid.


Bring in a gorgeous vase with freshly cut flowers or herbs onto your dining table. This will add a personal touch to your space. If you have a larger space, then a floor standing plant with a Fiddle Leaf tree or palm will work. Try find a fun basket or pot to house it in. Remember to speak to your nursery about placement, the right pot and how to care for your plant. Taking care of plants isn’t as hard as it seems, and is a great way to accent your rooms.

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