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Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom
Elegant Apartment Living - Bedroom
Elegant Apartment Living - Master Bedroom reflection in a mirror
Master Bathroom
Elegant Apartment Living - Closeup of mirror with inside lighting and a chest of drawers
Elegant Apartment Living - Master Bedroom showing the wash area in the bathroom
Close up of mirror and wallpaper detail
Elegant Apartment Living - Master Bedroom corner area showing off perfumes
About the Space

A neutral colour palette does not mean that the room will look monotonous. On the contrary, it draws attention to all the different elements that make it interesting. This master bedroom oozes with glamour and sophistication, and is a haven after a long day at work. As we had to work with a small space, a neutral colour palette, along with hints of white helps make the room appear larger. This can be said the same for using mirrors in a space. Therefore, we opted to use mirror in the side tables and cabinetry.


The shimmery floral wallpaper helps bounce the light around the master room, and create a feature behind the bed. We added interest by making up a custom headboard, filled with texture. Our tip when curtaining a room is to use two layers, namely: sheers and a blockout. This way, you can decide how much light you would like to enter the room. You can still block out the hustle and bustle of the outside world, whilst letting light in by using a sheer curtain. As the client wanted a sophisticated and glamorous space, we brought in pops of metals in the form of bronze hardware and accents. In the ensuite, a custom vanity sits perfectly in the room and does not take up too much space. The large mirror above the vanity once again helps the room to appear bigger, which is always a bonus!

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