Choosing and hanging art can be a daunting task and some questions that may immediately come to mind are; do the frames need to match? Does the art need to be similar? Do I need to hang them in a straight row? Where’s my level, do I even have a level??? (Insert panic attack and consequently putting off this project for another month)

Take a few deep breaths, step back and let me walk you through this, it’s not as hard as you may think.


Step 1 – Choosing your artwork:


This is the time to be a little carefree. Choose pieces that speak to you and catch your eye. This can be anything really; a beautiful landscape or portrait, an abstract painting or even photos of your family and loved ones. Choose pieces that you will want to appreciate every day when you see them in your space.

Here are some images of my favourite artist and her incredible watercolor paintings. An absolute dream of mine would be to have an original Agnes Cecile hanging in my home, a girl can dream!




Step 2 – Framing:


The frames don’t really need to match, you can have a real liquirice all sorts if that’s speaks true of your style.

Try a combination of paintings, photographs and quotes. This is a great way to add interest and also a way of introducing the different tones that tie in with your current decor.




But if you are a perfectionist then perhaps all one colour would be best.




If they are all canvasses, even better, no frames required!


Step 3 – Some tips on hanging:


  • images can be hung in different ways and various areas of the home. Be it a blank wall, down a staircase or above a desk, sofa or server. You could even do a gallery wall down a passage. The options are endless.
  • there are also different ways to hang art. You can have them mounted to the wall, hanging from the dado rails or even sitting on a thin shelf.



  • a tip for playing around with placement. Cut a piece of paper to the size of each of your pieces, simply paste these to the wall with tape or prestic. This way you can move them around to the layout you want without drilling holes.
  • remember art is not limited to framed paintings. Be adventurous and add some artistic sculptures into the mix to create a feature.




I hope this this has helped and most of all left you feeling inspired to hang up all those beautiful art pieces you have been collecting rather than let them collect dust any longer.


Yours in design, Kirsty Badenhorst

( all images sourced from Pinterest featuring artist Agnes Cecile )