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Admit it… we have all, at some point or another, been stuck with a pesky blank wall. Yet, have no idea what to do with it! Today in this blog post, we are showcasing some of our favourite wall art pieces. These will give you inspiration to full up those blank spaces on your walls. We will be showing you three forms of wall art, namely: painted, printed, and sculptural wall artwork.

Painted Art

Painted art can be a beautiful way of bringing colour and dimension into your space. These artworks can either be bought, or commissioned through an artist. When an artwork is commissioned, it can be done with your colour scheme and design in mind. The following artworks are great examples of canvas art used in a space.

Printed Art

Printed art can sometimes be more economically viable than painted artworks. With printed art, you can have any design printed onto paper or canvas. These can either be framed, or left as is. When hung on your wall, they will bring vibrance into your space, and add interest. Printed art can be photographs that you have taken yourself, or art bought online. Canvases can be made in just about any size. This will depend on your space, and your budget.

Sculptural Artwork

Sculptural artworks are different from painted or printed artworks, as they are 3-dimensional, and make use of positive and negative spaces. They can cast beautiful shadows, and can be made out of just about any material you desire. Brass and other metals have been used in the following artworks. Pottery has also been used. Once again, these sculptures can either be commissioned by an artist, done yourself, or bought. It is completely up to you. When lit from behind, the artworks cast beautiful light and shadows, making the wall completely different and vibrant.

Blank walls can often be difficult to fill. Let us help you.

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( images sourced from Pinterest )