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Since black is not technically a colour… in this post, we will refer to it as an ‘unconventional colour’. Black, in the past has often been associated with many negative connotations. However, this is not the case anymore! If you are completely against the idea of black interiors… then we strongly suggest that you read this post. Who knows! It could end up changing your mind. If you are totally for black being used inside a space, but have no idea where to begin… then you have come to the right post. We will list some great ways to incorporate this ‘unconventional colour’ into your space. If you are on the fence about this matter… These stunning images might help you make up your mind.


Our first way to introduce black into a space would be:


Painting your walls


Painting your walls black is quite a bold move to make, and it will certainly make a statement. There are so many shades of black that you could use to suit your space. Different types of paint and paint techniques will also impact the colour.

Bring in the furniture!


If painting your walls black is a bit too dramatic for you… Why not try bringing in some black furniture? Sofas, cupboards, beds and tables are all pieces that can help bring black into your space. Without, of course, being too overpowering.

Less black… more white


If you would still love your space to be bright and airy… Bringing in hints of black, whilst keeping the room predominately white will do the trick. The following images are all great examples of how this can be achieved.

If you cannot live without some ‘conventional colours’ in your space… Do not click away yet!


Add in some colour!


Now for those who say that black does not match any other colour… It may not ‘match‘ other colours in a conventional way. However, it surely does compliment many different colours. These next pictures include pops of colour with either a hint of black, or a predominately black space.

This may seem like a daunting task to do by yourself… but that is why we are here to help.

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