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Entrance Doors

An entrance door is one of the first things you and your guests will see before you enter your space. An entrance door is basically a sneak peak of the interior of your space. Therefore, it needs to be representative of your style and design. Here are some gorgeous pictures of entrance door designs for your inspiration.

Door Handles

What is the point of having a beautiful door, if you have a plain old door handle to open it? There are so many different types of door handles, depending on the door application. Here in South Africa, safety plays a major role when choosing a door handle. The handle needs to be robust. You can have different kinds of locks depending on what space the door is enclosing.

Door Details

Now that you have found the perfect door and handle… Why not add in some detail? The following images are great designs and ideas that we can custom make for your dream door. Remember, these door handles and details are not just for entrance doors. They can all be custom made into cabinetry and internal doors too!

Searching for the perfect door can be quite a task. Let us help you!

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( images sourced from Pinterest )