Beautiful sheer curtains dressing the windows

Dressing your windows

Dressing your windows has been seen as old fashioned and percieved to clutter a space. This is not necessarily true. Modern design has alternative ways to incorporate curtains into a home. Designers have access to many different curtain rails, tracks and rods. We also have a variety of unique and modern curtaining options available to us. For example, sheers, blockouts, patterns, patterned sheers and many more.


Alternative rods.


Curtaining is now something that we consider from the start of a new build or renovation. Ensuring that the right curtain allowances have been made to suit the design of the home. Popular trends are to create a cavity in the ceiling where the curtain tracks can be mounted. This is to ensure that they are not visible. This becomes part of the shadow lines and bulkheads, as intentional design choices.


Curtains are traditionally the last thing to be installed. Therefore the rods are mounted to the wall and therefore need to be disguised as opposed to being worked into the design. Wall-mounted curtain rods are dated and have been replaced with many neater alternatives. However, there are a few sleek designs available for the more traditional homes.

Sheers are the way to go.


Curtains, they are a great way to soften a space and play a large role in the overall scheme.

A common design choice is to incorporate a sheer curtain. As opposed to a full blockout curtain in the living areas. In the bedrooms, we allow for a double track so that we are able to hang a full blockout curtain as well as a sheer in the front. Sheer curtains are organic and soft, allowing the space to feel fresh and open but still filtering natural light through.


Dressing your windows is a great way to express the design of a space. As well as add the softness thar can often be overlooked by modern interior design.


Do you love the idea of curtains but worry that they do not suit your space?

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