Decorate for Easter

Decorating for Easter: DIY Style


The good news is that it is Easter Weekend! The bad news – our country is still in lockdown. Therefore you might not have had a chance to do your usual Easter preparations. Fear not! We have found you some simple yet beautiful ways to decorate your Easter table: DIY style.


Why settle for a plain, usual table setting? By DIY’ing your centrepiece, you will end up with a lovely feature, one that you can be proud of! By poking two holes at either side of an egg, you can blow the whites and yolk out. You can still use the insides to make your scrambled eggs or omelettes. Once you have washed the eggs, it is time to get creative.


Paint your eggs to match your desired colour theme. Use patterns and textures to create cute designs on your eggs. String them up onto some dried branches in a vase, and you have your centrepiece done! Another good way to create this without using eggs, is to use paper or cardboard.

Place Setting

By using your existing crockery and cutlery, and adding a DIY element, you can turn your style into nearly any setting. This could be Halloween, Christmas or in this case: Easter.


By using the same method in the centrepiece, you can create Easter eggs. These can then be incorporated into your place setting. You could wrap the napkin around the egg to make a bunny. You could place the egg in a bed of twine, or simply put the egg on the napkin. The possibilities are endless.

Other Ideas

There are so many other ideas out there, but this post would be way too long if we had to include them all. You could paint some Easter bunnies or any other related images onto paper or fabric, and frame them.


Another idea is to enclose your Easter memorabilia into a jar and display it on your table. Grab some painted eggs, put them into a basket with flowers on top. Remember, there are so many things you could DIY without having to step out your home.

Stay safe and have a Happy Easter!

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( images sourced from Pinterest )