We have have so many options these days with regards to types of lighting and styles. It can be daunting trying to choose where and how to install them. But lighting can do so much for a space if they are done well. 

Pendant lights give a room depth and shows design consideration. In new build project it is preferable for us to come on board at the start. This way we are able to allocate specific points and make sure the lighting in the space works from the start. We will give you an intentional space that was is designed for you.

There are times where we need to utilise the lighting that is existing. We can create an exciting new space by using what is there.

There is a light fitting for every room and style as well as design and person. We have spotted popular trends such as pendants as bedside lamps, as having pendants as bed side lamps can give the room a luxurious, hotel feel.

We are all so sued to the crystal and sparkly chandeliers but we now have modern and edgy yet still sophisticated chandeliers. These are being used to fill double volume spaces as features.

We should get rid of the standard lighting mentality, kick it up a notch and design a space with lighting that makes you feel good. 

If you get us on board on your project from the very beginning we can ensure that you get the lighting you want. Not the lighting that you have to settle for. 


You deserve it!

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