We are all so very used to buying a tile and putting it up on the wall or floor.  Many people don’t think much of it from there. A tile can be so much more than just a square or rectangle.


Cutting a tile into unique shapes which are then place together to create a splash back or an accent wall can entirely transform a space. Doing more with a tile shows consideration for a space than just placing ordinary tiles.


Tiles do not have to be restricted to areas that get wet or even to homes. Accent walls can be tiled and where in a home, restaurant or office. Doing accent walls in tiles is more durable and can be more effective than paint or wallpaper.


No need to even stress about buying a specific tile to be cut, you can use the same tile as the rest of the bathroom and just have it cut into your chosen design. This way your scheme stays the same just with a little extra thought put into it. 


This concept may be fulfilled by mosaic tiles but what if they do not have the design that you are looking for? What if you are looking for a geometric style tile that you found on Pinterest and they have in Europe but you can’t get it here. That is the beauty of tile cutting. Less hassle and more effective.  


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( images sourced from Pinterest )