Hosting a dinner, breakfast or brunch can seem like a daunting task to some. However, we have some very simple tips, helping you to host the perfect get-together.

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Our first tip to you:

Make use of what you already have! There is no need to go out and break the bank. Your current cutlery and crockery can be used. You may, however, need to buy a few odds and ends, or get creative! There are thousands of DIYs you could do to mimic a store bought item. Click here to find thousands of table setting projects that you can do yourself.

Tip Two:

It is helpful to know what type of place setting you will need, in order to determine how to set out the layout. For example, you will not put together a full place setting if you are catering for a relaxed brunch. Here is a chart to help you put together your place setting:

Breakfast Setting:

  • Fork on the left of the plate
  • Knife on the right of the plate
  • Spoon on the right of the knife
  • Teacup and saucer on the right of the spoon
  • Tumbler above the knife

Lunch Setting:

  • Both forks, small and big, on the left of the plate
  • Knife on the right of the plate
  • Spoon on the right of the knife
  • Tumbler above the knife, offset to the right

Dinner Setting:

  • This is similar to the lunch setting, however, you may now add a wine glass on the right of the tumbler.

Tip Three:

You can brighten up any table setting with some plants, either store bought, or picked straight from your garden.

  • Pick a slip of rosemary, place it on your rolled napkin, and tie a bow around it.
  • Place some leaves and flowers around a few candles.
  • Clean up some glass jars, add in some water, and place your flowers into the jars.


These are some simple and beautiful ways to brighten up your table setting.

Tip Four:

Table linen can be a fun and quirky way to liven up your table settings. Choose a simple table cloth, paired with patterned napkins and tableware, or, choose a lively table cloth, paired with simple tableware. The possibilities are endless! Here are some beautiful examples of table linen.


Woolworths has a lovely variety of table linen to choose from:

Tip Five:

Get creative! Play around with colours, textures and materials. You can follow some easy tips from our blogpost: colours. You can adjust your table as many times as you need to, in order to find the perfect layout. Remember, Pinterest is only a click away.

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Yours in design, Kirsty Badenhorst Interiors

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