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One of the many simple joys of life can be sitting next to a fireplace, bundled up in blankets, drinking your favourite hot drink. Do you dream of having a fireplace in your home, but do not have the right structure for it? Or, are you dreaming of incorporating a fireplace in your new build home? I am going to take you through a few examples of fireplaces, to suit your style and your structure.



1. Traditional


A traditional fireplace is commonly found already built into the structure of a house. This simple, yet elegant fireplace can be dressed up with accessories, or left plain, whichever suits you! It is possible to add on this fireplace. It can also be found as an extension on a home, bound to the external wall.

 2. Traditional… with a twist


If you currently have the traditional style fireplace in your home, but wish to liven it up a bit more… Do not fret! There are different ways in which this can be done:


  • A colourful coat of paint could do the trick.
  • Wallpaper those walls!
  • Cladding, be it wood, brick or stone will turn your fireplace into an unmissable feature in your home.

3. Space Savers


If there is no way you can alter the structure of your home… A Bioethanol Fireplace would be the perfect compromise. This form does not have a chimney. Therefore there is no need for a bulky fireplace, or the need to alter your structure. It does not give off smoke, and does not need a gas pipe.

It could be perfect for any bedroom or living space!

4. Ultra Modern


The possibilities are endless nowadays with the constant expansion of design. There are so many shapes and sizes of fireplaces that could suit your space.

Furthermore, there are also many different materials you could use for your fireplace: marble, cement, metals, stone, etc.

Winter is coming! If you have any fireplace queries:

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