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It’s spring time here in sunny South Africa. Which means… Summer is just around the corner! Some of us are lucky enough to be able to live in a coastal region. This blog post will give you great ideas on how to brighten up your coastal home. If you love the style, but do not live anywhere near the sea, you can still have this beautiful style in your home.


A small forewarning: This post may make you dream about being in these spaces!


Flooring in a coastal home is very important. A floor covers such a large space, so it needs to be functional, yet beautiful. Beach homes often have hard flooring such as wood, tiles or even concrete. Fully carpeted floors in a living area is not a great idea, as sandy feet might dirty the carpets. Concrete and tiles are cold to the touch, which will help on those hot days. Wood look tiles are a great option as they are durable.


Remember to have the floor as light as possible, as this will open the space and make it feel larger.


A ceiling can transform the look of your space. Light ceilings will make the space feel brighter and more airy. Beams bring in a coastal feel. Exposed wood beams bring texture into the space. Higher ceilings will help keep the space cooler, as hot air rises. Bamboo rods are a stunning way to bring a bit of the outdoors, in.

Light and Bright

White paint can help the space feel bright and airy. Darker colours absorb heat, whilst the white reflects it, which will help keep it cool. Accessories and decor can also be light, as this helps the space feel less cluttered.

Natural Elements

A big part of coastal living is incorporating natural elements inside. This will help add contrast to the space. Wicker and wood can be brought into accessories and furnishings. Indoor plants will bring colour into the space, and make a seamless break between the indoors and outdoors. Added benefit: You will feel like you are staying in tropical bliss!

There are various other ways of making your space look and feel like a coastal beach house.

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