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Organize your home

Every day is a great day to get your home organized. There are many ways to organize your home, here are a few tips that we have picked up along the way.




Information centres where post, papers and magazines can be collected, prevent piles from collecting on flat surfaces. A great idea is to make this centre your entrance table as this is generally where things would get dumped.

Make your entrance table multi-functional with storage for older papers or spare keys. It isn’t enough to just have a table where these things are collected, include trays, boxes, pen holders. You will find that things have a designated spot and can be put away.

For example, keys that we all lose and have to search for before we go to work.




We all love our picture frame collection, but it does take up surface area and can look unorganised. Consider wall mounting your pictures and creating a gallery wall instead. You are creating a feature out of your clutter but maintaining all the memories.




One other major contributor to clutter, is the cabling that lies around. We all have it. There are many ways to hide these cables. For example, Multi plugs are made to mounted onto walls or even underneath your TV unit, sideboard or desk even. Cable management systems can be bought at most hypermarkets and prove to be very effective. Cables collect dust and look untidy when they lay around on the floor.


It can be daunting to organize your home but it is well worth it in the end. A clean, organized home is a good, happy home.


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