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Interior textures

When it comes to interior textures we do not only mean paint, wallpaper and furniture. There is a vast range of materials that can be used to create interest in a space.


Stone, marble, timber cladding is not only for patios and water features. Consider cladding a fire place in your bedroom or living room in a white marble. The cladding will give the space depth and the light will end up catching the rough edges. Which will sparkle and catch your eye, creating interest. Consider then pairing the clad with a detailed darker wallpaper. The juxtaposition of the two becomes an unusual design element.


Timber cladding is quite popular in commercial spaces but are used in a very similar way, and it can be used on ceilings, walls, counters. Because timber is a good way to bring in warmth and soften a space we often pair it with a ‘cold’ feeling texture such as a tile.

Incorporating raw brick textures and a concrete look textures is one way to break the norm when it comes to designing a space. Using ordinarily external textures inside introduces contrast into an otherwise everyday space.


Using these different textures is our way of starting above the crowd and breaking the norm from the ordinary interior designer. We are able to create interesting and unique spaces. Interior design can be made much more interesting by bringing the ordinarily used outdoor textures, inside.


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