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Cut Out Screens

Room dividers create a wow factor in a space. Their function is to separate different spaces within a room. There are so many different types of room dividers one could use. The following room dividers have been laser cut into different shapes, patterns and sizes.

Timber Room Dividers

Timber room dividers are often used to introduce a natural feeling to a space. This material can be crafted into such wonderful features of a room. Sometimes using timber and metal helps change the look of the divided space. Timber is often viewed at its finest with natural light beaming behind it. Leave it natural or paint it a colour to tie in with the space, the choice is yours!

Unique Room Dividers

Who said that room dividers needed to be simple? There are different techniques and ways to divide a space that completely changes the atmosphere of the space. Some ways are using unique mirror designs that help widen the space or even a simple indoor plant display that helps bring life to the environment. Water running down a glass panel in a reception area dividing the space completely invites one into the room and allows them to feel relaxed and welcome.

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