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So I must admit, at first this was not my fav and a bright violet has never really been at the top of my ‘to decorate’ list… but that being said, the more I let the creative juices flow and kept reminding myself that all colours are beautiful, the more this tone started to speak to me.

Pops of Colour:


If you, like myself, are a bit wary about using Ultra Violet in your space, a good place to start is by using pops of the colour. The above images have hints of violet in the space.

The first image contains a rug, and scatter cushions which both contain the violet hues. The middle image is a predominately white space, with a small use of violet though the use of a duvet set. This can easily be changed to a different colour of your choice throughout the year to change up your room. The third image contains a violet chair which adds a sense of fun in the grey surrounds.

All out Violet!

If you are confident and ready to dive into the colour of the year, here are some images which have used Ultra Violet as a predominate colour in the rooms.


The above images are bold examples of Ultra Violet within a space. The colour has been used on wallpaper and wall paint colours. There are different textures in the violet hues which add vibrancy and interest to the rooms. Towels in the bathroom, curtains in the living room and covers in the bedroom. These are more simple ways to add the colour into the space.

Combine the Colour:

Ultra Violet can be paired with a combination of colours to add a modern and fun approach to a space.


Pairing colours that do not “match” is a great way to add a bold look to the space. Reds, jades and blues have been paired with shades of violets. This ‘colour blocking’ technique can be achieved through the right use of materials and tones. Get creative! Play around with colours, textures and materials. You can follow some easy tips from our blogpost: colours.

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( images sourced from Pinterest )