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Today we are talking colour, yes that’s right! Glorious, bright, fun and beautiful colour. Some of you may be thinking it can be so difficult to create a colourful space without the room looking like a giant piñata. Don’t stress, I am here to help with some interior design advice. There are a few ways to create a colourful fun space without going too crazy. Whether it is gently incorporating colour into your space or doing a full renovation of a space. Here are a few tips and ways to help you achieve it.


Dive right in!


  • Paint a singular wall, or if you are feeling a little daring, the whole room a fun colour.
  • When chosing a colour to paint the space you don’t necessarily need to go bright at first. For example, using your cooler tones like blues, purples and greens can still add a pop of colour to the space without it shocking the eye.
  • Compliment bright tones with lighter contrasting tones.
  • Create interest with decorative pieces like vases and pot plants to introduce colour.

As seen in the images below: (1) The teal wall is flattered by the blue sofa, so not to shock the eye with too many tones but still create depth. (2) The bright pink wall is complimented by the subtle blue tones and natural greenery in the surroundings.  (3) And then we have blue and pink, of course a match made in heaven… when you have the right tones put together and isn’t that space just so much fun! I absolutely love it!


Gently does is…
  • Introduce a brightly coloured piece of furniture being a sofa, coffee table or simply an occasional chair, the choice is yours. Add some colourful scatters to feed that fun side.
  • Hang up some beautiful colorful artwork – these can be similar tones to tie the space together or contrasting tones to create some interest.
  • A neutral backdrop can make for a beautiful feature when introducing bright colours. So be a little adventurous with introducing colour to the space.
  • The nice thing about introducing colour to accessory pieces is that these can be changed as you evolve with the room. E.g. scatters can easily be replaced when you decide you aren’t quite feeling that colour anymore. So this is a great way to start your colourful new adventure.

As seen in images below: (1) The rug and artwork work beautifully together and the sofa creates a good break between the two but still works with the tones perfectly. (2) The neutral backdrop of the grey wall makes the blue sofa stand out, a simple way to bring in colour without changing the whole room. (3) A very light painted room with bright furniture and scatters, the artwork ties everything together. Advice here would be find the artwork you love first and then choose the colour scheme that works with the piece.


If you would like some help creating a colourful space full of interest, please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Yours in design,

( images sourced from Pinterest )