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Today I am sharing with you a concept mood board Kirsty Badenhorst Interiors put together for a corporate project. The brief was to create a modern space full of interest. We incorporated a lot of natural elements like timber and marble while having the intention of introducing the company colours being red and dark grey.


For the reception we wanted to create a warm and inviting environment so we introduced timber elements and interesting lighting ideas. It was important that the space be a showstopper as a lot of international clients would be waiting in this space.

Office Spaces:

The office spaces required a good combination of style and functionality, something we strive to achieve in all our designs. The company wanted an open space so we encouraged glass partitioning to create that open plan feel.

Social Areas:

For the social areas in this office, we were asked to create a space that was open to clients to view so it needed to tie in seamlessly with the rest of the building. The company was socially active and encouraged group work so we brought in “work pod stations” for this function.


General interiors:

The idea for the office space was firstly a combination of timber, dark grey and white. Secondly we would introduce the same red of the company logo into the design. So while creating a smart office, most of all we are creating an environment staying true to the brand.


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( images for moodboards sourced from Pinterest )

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