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Today on our blog we will be showing you some great tips and tricks to help you get the Scandinavian look in your space.

The Scandinavian look, sometimes known as ‘Scandi‘, has made its’ way into the interior design limelight over the past few years. So what does this style involve? The style originated in Sweden, and the main principle is combining a ton of white with various other muted colours. Scandinavian interior design is all about making sure that your room reflects the light and oozes with sophistication.  Also, everything has to be arranged as if it were about to be photographed for a magazine shoot.

Taking note of everything we have mentioned already, here are some tips and tricks to help you get the Scandinavian look.


A Clean Slate


The first tip to transforming your space into a Scandinavian look-book would be by painting your walls, ceilings, doors and window frames white. As we said earlier, the light needs to reflect in your space to make it feel more open and fresh. Do not worry, as we will get to the colourful bits later on in this post. Remove all clutter from your space, as this is a MASSIVE NO-NO in Scandi principals.

 Incorporate Wood


Bringing light woods into the space is a major element of the Scandi style. This can be done in a variety of ways:

Wooden flooring: light oak, wooden look laminates and tiles

Exposed timber trusses

Furniture: tables, chairs, wardrobes, beds, cabinetry… the possibilities are endless!

Accessories: lamps, frames, sculptures and other decor items

Pops of Colour


A very big part of Scandinavian interior design is bringing in pops of colour — especially muted and pastel tones. A point to remember is that the colour should not overpower the room and make it seem less bright and airy. That is why there is a white base colour. Here are a few distinct Scandi colours to incorporate into your space:

Ikat and Ivory, Kirsty Badenhorst Interiors Online Decor Store South Africa

You could incorporate these colours into your space by the use of:

Scatter cushions and pillows

Throws, blankets and rugs

Decor items e.g vases, sculptures, clocks

Feature walls

Upholstered items e.g occasional chairs, ottomans and sofas


There are so many items you could use to incorporate colour into your space. Just remember not to use too many colours, or too much colour. This will overpower the room and ignore the principles of the Scandi style.

Introducing Contrast


Another very important principle of ‘Scandi’ is introducing contrast into the space. This can be done with the incorporation of darker colours i.e. black and dark greys. Additionally, darker tones of the muted colours we spoke about earlier will work wonders too. Together with all you have learnt so far, always remember… not to overpower the white!


Below are a few handy examples to inspire you as to how to introduce contrast into a Scandinavian space.

Are you itching to style your space with the oh-so beautiful Scandinavian look?

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( images sourced from Pinterest )