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Finding a home that ticks every box of your wishes is often a difficult task. Sometimes, the exterior of the home is immaculate, but the inside is not so great. Other times, this situation may be in reverse. Many people believe that as interior designers, we only focus on the interior of a space. This may of course be because of the word ‘interior’ in interior design. As creatives, who work in the building industry, we are full of tips, tricks and ideas to help you, facelift your exterior.

A Welcoming Entrance
Start by making your entrance more welcoming. This can easily be done by getting a new door. We have some lovely ideas on last week’s post: Door Design. You could also reuse the existing door, by painting it and changing the hardware. Here are some inspiration images of a few spaces that are sure to welcome you in!
Window Makeover
Another great way to transform the outside of your space is by replacing your windows. You can get new windows custom made, or you could simply paint the existing windows. Exterior shutters, window planters and other window accessories will easily help transform the outside of your space.
Cladding your walls, or parts of them will also help transform your outside. There are so many options on the market. These include stone, tiles, wood and many other options. We will give you ideas based on where your space is situated.
External Lighting
Lighting is a big factor of how the outside of your home will look. By changing the existing light fittings, removing some, and adding some in. This will give the exterior ambiance and illuminate all the different textures.

Let us help you facelift your exterior.

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