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A dining room, for some, is such an important part of a house. Celebrations may be held here. Meals may be eaten here. Homework and projects may be done here. What we are trying to show is that the dining room caters to many of your household’s needs. Why not make it a beautiful and functional space too?

The Rectangular Dining Table

The following images are of homes with rectangular tables. These tables in particular appear to cater for various amounts of people. Starting from four all the way up to twelve seaters. This will depend on the size of your space, and what your needs are. These tables have one or more pendant lights hanging above them. This will allow for sufficient light for your activities at your table. Head on over to our Authentic Glamour Lighting blog post to find some sophisticated lighting ideas.

The Round Dining Table

A round table is quite unconventional compared to a standard rectangular table. These sorts of tables will suit a smaller space, as they will be able to cater for less people. These tables are able to be made in many different materials. Concrete, metal and wood are all available options. The images below are all of round tables.

The Dining Nook

A dining nook is a great way to make use of those empty corners on your home. A dining nook is a designated area with a built in seat or a sofa, paired with a dining table. It will also have single dining chairs on the opposite side to allow for more seating. This is a great way to make the space feel cozy. A built in seat with upholstered cushions makes for a comfortable, yet spacious place to sit.

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