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Living in Africa, we are so privileged to be able to live in such a diverse landscape. There are so many different African cultures and traditions, each with its’ own unique style and taste. From the sunny, white sand beaches of Mozambique, to the snow capped mountains of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, there is such diversity.


Using textures in your space is such a key factor when drawing inspiration from the diverse African theme. Africa is known for its’ fine craftsmanship when creating woven and carved pieces. Using woven rugs, baskets and even light fittings is an ideal way to incorporate natural elements into your space.


Traditionally, many African buildings were crafted from wood and clay. A stunning and simple way to incorporate more wood into your space, is by having wooden ceiling beams. (The faux version can work just as well too!) You can easily add in more of an African feeling by having beautiful tribal prints. Throws, scatter cushions and upholstered furniture can make such a difference in the space.

Living Room

We most certainly feel super proud when looking at spaces with African inspired features. The following living spaces look so comfortable and inviting. Once again, neutral earthy tones have been used in the colour pallet. Beaded and woven bowls are great items to collect. You can buy beautiful items, whilst supporting local craftsmen and women.

Dining Room

We are loving these African inspired dining room settings. The tables have been crafted from various materials such as wood and cement. Malawian chairs are a great way to add in some more woven and handcrafted elements. Clay pots and crockery will emphasise the African theme, but still look so gorgeous in just about any space.


One of our clients constantly travelled all over Africa, and had many unique pieces she had collected. We used them throughout her living area renovation. Have a look at this beautiful space here.

Support local! Love the beautiful continent you live on.

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( images sourced from Pinterest )