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Creating a Welcoming Entrance


An entrance or a foyer is often the first room you walk into when entering a house. It will help set the tone of the entire home, therefore needs to look beautiful! The following post will help you gather ideas and inspiration for your entryway, whether you need a redesign, or a brand new one.


Would you feel comfortable walking into a dark and dingy space? If the answer is no, then your foyer should be no different! Lighting will make a huge difference in the space. The correct lighting can help make the space look and feel bigger and brighter. Depending on the size and volume of your space, the lighting will differ. Double volume spaces can often afford to have a large, statement light fitting. Smaller spaces might need to have smaller sized fittings. Don’t forget about wall scones too!


Am I the only one guilty of walking into my home and leaving my belongings all over the space? No? Good – then the following images will inspire you to have some form of storage in your entryway. This could be a large statement table that instantly greets you as you walk in.


For those of us with smaller entrances, a server with some storage would do the trick too. Bench seating with storage options is also a great way to maximise your space and storage. Leave your shoes, your coat and your keys all in one place, looking neat and tidy.


We have said the following, a few times, because it is so true! Mirrors are a great way to make a space feel bigger, as it lets more light into the room, and reflects its surroundings. Mirrors come in all different shapes and sizes. The following images are great examples of incorporating mirrors into an entrance.


We love putting custom cut mirrors onto an entry wall. We are able to custom design and manufacture mirrors in nearly any design imaginable. They help us to check ourselves on our way out, and often provide the perfect tool for an “insta-worthy” photo. What’s not to love?

Are you full of ideas for your entrance, but have no clue where to begin?

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