Outdoor Fire Pits

The Firepit

The days are becoming shorter, whilst the nights are becoming longer, and more crisp. What could be a better way to relax and unwind than snuggling up next to a warm and cozy fire pit? This is a great idea to fill an empty void in your garden, whilst providing you with seating and of course warmth for those chilly evenings.


When choosing a fire pit for your space, there are a few factors to consider. Would you like your pit to be cast in situ, or would you like it to be moveable? There are various type of fires that you could use. There are wood burners, gas or even more modern and eco-friendly types of pits. This will depend on the style of your space, the size you have to work with, as well as your fire preference. Here are some beautiful fire pits to get you inspired for your space.


Seating will form an important part to your space. There are so many different ways you could have your seating area. From built in deck type seating, with upholstered cushions, to concrete seating. You could have a square or rectangular setup, or even a rounded set up. This will all depend on how many people you wish to cater for, as well as your style.


Safety will form an important part of the design, as fires, when not controlled or built properly could be detrimental. This is why it is best to have a designer who will follow safety standards and precautions to keep you and your family safe.

Other Parts to the Design

There are other aspects to the design, such as lighting, flooring, fabrics and possibly a roofing structure. This will also depend on your style, space allowance and budget. These add ons will take the design up a notch, and will have your guests in awe!


When it comes to fabrics, an outdoor fabric would be the best to use in the space. They are UV resistant and won’t be damaged by sun rays. Outdoor vinyls will be waterproof and won’t need to be taken inside. What a joy! We have so many different options for you, ranging from bold patterns and gorgeous textures.

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